Really does feel as if I'm beginning to get my life back now. I've only had an appointment for the regular jab (although it did take my GP surgery 3 times to actually have the right medication). Apart from that I've been doing the extra exercises every day and am beginning to feel the difference. … Continue reading Onwards


A matter of confidence

I've had a couple of appointments this week, which has reminded me very unpleasantly of how my life was for all those months. Still, it's all routine stuff. I had my first mammogram at the hospital, which feels like another milestone passed. I saw the oncologist today, who has asked me again to see my … Continue reading A matter of confidence

Shocking genetics specialist shortages

Been hearing a news story today around the terrible shortages of specialist staff in the field of cancer genetics: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-44040896 I'm still waiting to hear back from all the genetics forms we completed, and from the request to access the medical records of 2 close relatives. That means we're still living with the constant possibility … Continue reading Shocking genetics specialist shortages