Oncology – first appointment

Having not had much clue as to how this appointment would go, it went pretty much as I had imagined!  It was really a chance to talk things over.  Initially we discussed why chemo had been suggested, which might sound daft as I'm sat in the oncology department, but it was quite useful to have … Continue reading Oncology – first appointment


Getting ready for chemo

Without going too overboard I've been doing a little research on what to expect and thinking of easy things I can do to get ready. Had planned on losing a stone in weight, but that may have been a bit optimistic! I have almost no information at this point to go on in terms of … Continue reading Getting ready for chemo

Surgery 2

So disappointed to be going back in for more surgery, especially as I felt I'd started to recover really well from the first lot.  However, at least this time it was just going back in through the incision that had been made across the breast, rather than the one higher into my arm pit (that's … Continue reading Surgery 2


The first couple of days after surgery I suspect are pretty much always going to be a write off.  I did get up and dressed every day though, but inevitably everything seemed to take much longer than usual.  I was wound into a pressure bandage over my breasts after surgery and was told to try … Continue reading Recovering

Surgery 1

So the plan for surgery following the MRI went ahead.  I had a very brief pre-op appointment - weight, height, lots of questions but no MRSA swab.  This was a few days before the surgery date.  I was booked in for 7am - but that was fine, I'm definitely a morning person & as it's … Continue reading Surgery 1


This felt like a really important moment, as I'd been told the MRI was needed for this type of cancer as it didn't always show up very well on other types of scans.  This would help determine the nature of the surgery I would need, and hopefully give a better idea of the scale of … Continue reading MRI