Preparing for chemo

So, I’ve just had a letter through with my first oncology appointment.  It’s very brief and basic.  Time/place – nothing more.  My first reaction is to feel glad that something real is happening, but then confused as I have no idea what that might be really.  It gives no clues about what might actually happen at this appointment at all.

I’m not daft, I can make a decent educated guess.  Presumably blood tests, height, weight.  Hopefully information and details of dates of treatment, and type of treatment.  Hopefully also possible side effects.  But no way of being certain.

I really am disappointed that nothing is included to give some clue of what to expect.  We spent a while trying to find something online, but again, very little.  I will make sure to post as soon as I can and try to remember as much as I can in the hope that someone following on from me may find it useful!

I’m exhausted today – but I did make a point of a stint on the cross trainer first thing, and just been for a walk this evening.  Did I always get this tired, or is this new?  I have no idea.  I seem to spend so much time waiting for the next appointment/treatment/operation.  So much waiting & trying not to think about it still growing.

Would be very easy to go under.

But, I have just invested in a cool pad to go in my pillow, which my aunt has recommended.  It helped her massively through night sweats in menopause.  Chemo, I read, is likely to cause menopausal type symptoms, so I’m a tiny step ahead!  Feels like it’s going to get worse before it gets better – but that’s the path we are on.


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