Chemo 1 – how it’s been 

What a surreal few days since my first session - totally up & down unpredictable. The day after the session I felt pretty good- probably overdid it cleaning the house & I'll have to try to remind myself on days like that that I am not entirely well & should go a little easy. I'd … Continue reading Chemo 1 – how it’s been 


Chemo 1

I was pretty nervous today as we zipped a couple of junctions up the motorway to the place we had selected to have the chemo delivered.  On the plus side we could park for free, although they were having loads of building work done.  The room was modern and bright, and for much of the … Continue reading Chemo 1

PICC line

Had a lovely time celebrating my upcoming significant birthday with my twin brother, younger brother and our families.  Once again, it really does help to re-focus on something else and puts all the crap to the side for a while.   Today, though, we are back to it, and this afternoon I had my PICC … Continue reading PICC line

CAT scan

Yet another new experience to add to the growing list! Today I had the CAT scan & it was pretty straightforward really - although I was stupidly nervous.  I had to be there an hour before the actual appointment so there was time to drink about a pint of liquid.  This was a contrast substance … Continue reading CAT scan