Wig appointment

I’ve just had the phone call to arrange for my fitting.  I knew this was coming, but it’s hit me harder than I was expecting.  It will be just a few days before my first chemo session, so hopefully I’ll be all ready for when it does go (I have ordered hats for back-up, so will be fine one way or another).  Apparently the vast majority of ladies actually take theirs home the same day – gives a little time to get used to it.

Wondering if the advice will be to wear it a bit before.  Also wondering what sort of thing I should go for.  Seems a shame to have something very similar to my hair now as everyone I know will know it’s a wig anyway!  Not sure how brave I’ll be in trying something quite different.  What we’ve been reading suggests they are actually very good at wigs now – very natural looking.  My feeling at the moment is that I’ll tend to wear it mostly for work.  A hat will be fine for the rest of the time – but I think I need a going-out one!  I’ve been told to allow about an hour for the fitting.

However, like most things happening at the moment I’ll have to see how I feel – when it comes down to it I may feel quite differently to what I’m expecting!


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