CT scan appointment

I’d completely forgotten that the oncology dept asked for a CT scan, and that appointment has come through very quickly for next Monday.  Another process that I have no knowledge of!  I gather this is another way of trying to see whether there has been any spread to other parts of the body.  The process is a little like that for the MRI scan as I think there is more dye involved, but I will give more detail once I’ve had it.

My 2 hats arrived today.  Pretty emotional moment I can’t deny when I tried them on, but I’m also quite relieved.  They feel lovely.  They are very soft, and much thinner than I thought they might be.  I tried them both on and they are a good fit I think, and feel comfy & even look ok.

Appointments are coming thick and fast at the moment.  I had a phone call this morning making one for my PICC line to be put in, which is the afternoon we return from the birthday celebration.  3 days later will be my first chemo session.  Can’t think about this one yet, but at least there’s a proper timeline now.


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