CAT scan

Yet another new experience to add to the growing list!

Today I had the CAT scan & it was pretty straightforward really – although I was stupidly nervous.  I had to be there an hour before the actual appointment so there was time to drink about a pint of liquid.  This was a contrast substance (which I think was clear ) mixed with some squash, which helps the organs to show up even clearer on the scan.  I also had another cannula so an iodine dye could also be used during the scan itself.  Fortunately the lady doing it was clearly an expert & managed to find a vein quite happily.  I did not need to change into a gown for this one, or remove earrings.  Had I been wearing a belt I think I would have had to take that off.  I was taken into the scanner room & lay on a pretty hard bed.  I only mention this because I was expecting it to be padded like the MRI one – but it wasn’t!  Once the cannula was sorted & I had my hands above my head the staff left the room.

This scan is pretty quick.  The bed moved through the ‘ring’ a few times & I was instructed to hold my breath a couple of times, but not for very long – and it was all over in about 6 or 7 minutes I’d guess.  I was warned when the iodine was going through as it can be quite an odd sensation.  They did warn me that I might feel hot, but they didn’t mention what I had read – it can give you the strangest feeling that you have actually wet yourself – this I did feel & it really was quite strange – but brief!  The cannula was removed & I was told I could go (although had lost my bearings & they looked at me as if I was a complete imbecile when I had to ask which of the 2 doors was the way out).  Although perfectly pleasant, it wasn’t the warm experience I have usually had I must admit.  But it’s done & dusted – just have to hope nothing shows up on it.

The only other thing I have done recently is a visit to the dentist, which is recommended before starting chemo.  Now I have to have root canal work early next week which is a complete pain & horribly expensive!


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