CAT scan

Yet another new experience to add to the growing list! Today I had the CAT scan & it was pretty straightforward really - although I was stupidly nervous.  I had to be there an hour before the actual appointment so there was time to drink about a pint of liquid.  This was a contrast substance … Continue reading CAT scan

Surgery 2

So disappointed to be going back in for more surgery, especially as I felt I'd started to recover really well from the first lot.  However, at least this time it was just going back in through the incision that had been made across the breast, rather than the one higher into my arm pit (that's … Continue reading Surgery 2


The first couple of days after surgery I suspect are pretty much always going to be a write off.  I did get up and dressed every day though, but inevitably everything seemed to take much longer than usual.  I was wound into a pressure bandage over my breasts after surgery and was told to try … Continue reading Recovering