Chemo end in sight

Just a few days now until chemo 6. Off to Clevedon tomorrow for my final bloods. It's been so great being able to stay pretty local for PICC line care & blood tests. The staff are all completely lovely & it will feel odd not going there once a week! Wish I could say I … Continue reading Chemo end in sight


It gets tougher

This recovery is taking so long - much longer than any of the previous chemo sessions. I was warned beforehand that it's a harder recovery, and as the effects must be cumulative they have felt even worse. My hands & feet are really sore - buttons are almost impossible to manage, and I've had huge … Continue reading It gets tougher

Chemo 5 + 1

Been generally feeling pretty good, although brain buzzing last night meant I didn't get much sleep (presumably the steroids are the main culprit here). Managed to get all my usual Saturday jobs done - a little shopping, housework etc & then sat down after lunch & irritatingly slept all afternoon! First jab of this session … Continue reading Chemo 5 + 1

Chemo 5

5th session completed today- really do feel like I'm almost there! All seemed to go very smoothly with no hint of any reaction again. Do feel very tired, but I did have an almost full day in work before going in this time. I'm hoping the after effects pattern is also similar so I can … Continue reading Chemo 5