Getting ready for radiotherapy

For a change, things have been relatively steady recently. The consultant is happy with how my scars are healing & I feel I'm almost back to full movement. This is a relief as radiotherapy would be horrible if you were uncomfortable in the position. I'm definitely getting stronger- I'm slowly increasing the time I am … Continue reading Getting ready for radiotherapy


Recovery – final lap?

I know it's all gone a bit quiet, but just getting into a routine! Things at this point are pretty good. The consultant seems reasonably happy with my healing, although I do have to see her again so she can keep a close eye on the mastectomy wound. I don't think this is in any … Continue reading Recovery – final lap?


I can safely say that at the moment these have been the worst part of this whole experience- and that's saying something! They are horrific & I'm so aware of how grisly they are that I just want to hide away until they come out. They get in the way of doing even the simplest … Continue reading Drains

Big decisions

Happy. Christmas! I'm faced now with an unexpectedly big decision. I had been led to believe that immediate reconstruction after my mastectomy wasn't going to be an option, but the surgeon has said it could easily be done. I'm very tempted to go for it - not really primarily because of the cosmetic factors, although … Continue reading Big decisions